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Guesthouse- is a partially shared accommodation and all of them are located in the center of Tokyo.
You will have your private bedroom (the door can be locked), but you will share common areas like kitchen, toilet, bathroom and living room. Please image about sharing a house or a large apartment with several guests.

Rooms are furnished, and monthly rents fee from 65,000 yen / month. No key money, guarantor, or agent fee required,free internet line is available in your room. you can move in with a suitcase and start comfortable stay in Tokyo.

private room & common area plan(sample)

Staying guesthouse, you will become a part of community. From cooking, drinking and having parties together to cleaning the rooms, facilities and throwing away trash together,the experience builds precious friendships on your life in future.

Basic rules of staying at Guesthouse.

Keep your room clean.
  1. Please throw away garbage in a designated garbage place after separating it.
  2. Please clean dishes and kitchen utensils after you use them.
  3. Please clean and tidy after you use the kitchens, living space, showers, toilets, washstands, beds and washing machines. It is responsible for you and your housemates to keep clean.
Donft make a nuisance against other guests and neighbors.
  1. Donft make loud noises between night and early morning.
  2. Smoking free at the accommodation. (except for the place we designed.)
  3. Donft act against public order and morals. Japanese customs and rules are different from your country, so please pay attention to your behavior.